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Rasim BakacakThis inquiry has been consulted.

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작성자 Rasim Bakacak 작성일 21-12-24 23:18 조회 424 댓글 0


NAME Rasim Bakacak
EMAIL rasimbakacak@hotmail.de
TELEPHONE +49 17663421522
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Rasim Bakacak. I am the sales manager of our Aesthetic Clinic in Istanbul – Linemed Aesthetic (IG: Linemed_Estetik). Our company has expanded greatly in recent years and we aim to develop innovative, groundbreaking and modern projects in this industry. In order to live up to the company’s philosophy and to be able to meet the new corporate goals, we recently opened a second location. This is also located in Istanbul, where our clinic is spread over 6 floors. New openings are in the planning stage.

We specialize in using hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, etc. at the highest quality level effectively and customer-oriented. In addition, we offer highly professional surgical procedures such as nose and breast surgery, liposuction, hair transplantation, etc.

One of the new projects is the distribution of aesthetics products. Our primary goal is to supply our own clinic with ample fillings. We are currently at a minimum monthly consumption of at least 3,000 packs (2cc) of Hyaluronic acid Dermal Fillers. We are interested in your ELASTY D-F-G PLUS HA FILLER.

After internal company discussions, we decided to ensure the distribution of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic hospitals in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. That is why we are looking for a sales partner.
A successful company needs successful business partners. I became aware of you and discovered the potential behind your company. With the right cooperation, our two companies can benefit from this new step.

I would like to clarify further details and ideas with you personally.

I look forward to your answer.

With kind regards

Rasim Bakacak

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