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The skin with ELASTY does not age


World-class manufacturing facility.

Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd. not only developing and producing medical supplies such as thread, filler, medical device, cosmetics, etc. In particular, with Dongbang's corporate desires to contribute on improving quality of life. We have introduced our products managed our own world-class safety inspection standard test process.
All of products that we supply are managed under GMP qualification and certification system for medical devices, manufacturing facilities and process management
No.1 innovative company for helping individual aesthetic achievement
A global leading medical device company with the continuous research investment, the best manufacturing facilities, and innovative product development.

Global company

Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd. has been leading the globalization in the medical device industry by persuit of the best quality since it’s established in 1982. As like steady growth achieved in the past 30 years, in the future, Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd. will continue to lead the way to be frontier in aesthetic filed.


  • Skin needs elasticity
    ELASTY is Donabangmedical's aesthetic brand name representing of the technologies and products that contribute on tissue regeneration and restoration of aging skin. The most of skin aging, sagging and wrinkles are related with “loss of elasticity”. ELASTY brand includes of threads, fillers, cosmetics, and other meso-treatment products, helps enabling of individual beauty achievement. Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd. introduces a number of products in domestic and oversea market, based on its excellent manufacturing technology such as non-heating technology or low modification HA cross linking technology.
  • Skin needs ELASTY
    Even there are so many products related with anti-aging market, but ELASTY brand has a lifting thread composed with PDO/PCL/PLCL, dermal filler of cross-linked HA made by PNET technology then increasing its awareness. These thread and filler products are used in many domestic hospitals as the choice of safety, efficacy and long lasting effect as well, delivering high satisfaction to whom choose the ELASTY brand.











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